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This is a story I’m looking forward to writing. not along because it’s something I’ve not written before, but because the prequel to this story is going to be an erotic thriller I can’t release until after this one has been published.

It’s a hunter and the hunted storyline. A cowboy turned vampire and its set…well more like a historical and yet probably more fantasy then anything, as I won’t really give it a date in history, if that makes sense.

But it’s a play on what we all thought vampire were back before they sparkled, I think is how everyone see it.

So here’s an unedited excerpt that many not ever see the inside of the book.

The night started climbing across the field as Chad tried his hardest to hurry up fixing the hole in the fence while not rushing the job, the herd were moving into this field tomorrow, and Chad had to have it all ready for them to be moved at first light.
Chad new the risks of being out after dark, he wasn’t stupid, even though he was acting as such there all alone, far from his hands, with no protection other than his rifle, which wouldn’t do anything against the monsters that lingered these lands at night. Seeking out a feeding before they moved on to their next venture.
He was only truly risking his own life because he felt he was safe, even as the hair on the back of his neck stood up, and he kept throwing looks into the darkened corners of his lands.
He’d not had a lamb or goat killed for many years, he’d not had a cow or horse emptied of their blood ever, and though he’s mind kept on going back to childhood tales spoken to make one fear the night, and for good reason, he still needed to finish this job.
It was a case of not having enough hours in a day, for Chad, even if he’s day was 6 hours longer than any of his hands.
The pliers squeaks, metal groaned as he rolled to pieces together, knotting them up, trying to make sure there were no spikes.
The gloves making each movement into a production he was used to, but his knees was starting to cramp from kneeling on it for more than two hours, his thick jeans doing nothing to protect him.
Sweat dripped down his temples, his spin, the lingers heat from the day staying well after dark, he’s shirt sticking to the skin soaking up what it could, though it had been a long day, so most went on down, dripping annoyingly into his arse crack.
When he twisted the last bit into place, Chad stretched his back, rubbing at his lower back before lumbering to his feet. It didn’t matter how many times he’d done this before, it didn’t stop him from getting sore this late at night when he should have been home and eating dinner hours ago.
Body aching from a long day’s work Chad looked down at his tools and then over to his horse Pepper who was standing in the last scraps of light lingering in the grass.


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