Still Wishing (Pickleville Series #6) Excerpt


Owen crooked his finger for Neil to come down to him, acting like he had something to tell the other man. When Neil bent down Owen stole a kiss. Owen intended for it to be just a quick peck on the lips but Neil’s large hand cupped the napped of Owen’s neck and he deepened the kiss. Neil’s tongue parted his lips, dipping in for a taste once and then twice more. Neil pulled away after that, his forehead resting against Owen’s, as if he couldn’t bring himself to break the contact.

“You’re really good at that,” Owen said breathlessly. Neil made him feel things he’d never knew existed. He certainly felt lust and had since the first moment he’d seen Neil the day before. Was it really only yesterday? Owen had felt lust before, plenty of times but with Neil, that lust was times ten.

“I give good kisses,” Neil said with such conviction that Owen couldn’t help but smile, even though it was obvious he had heard that from someone else too.

“Yeah. You do. How many people have told you that today?” Owen couldn’t help but ask.

“Just you. You’re the only one I kissed today, silly.”

Owen wheeled himself away from the fence, towards the house. Neil followed beside him in comfortable silence. At least Neil seemed comfortable in his silence. Owen was a nervous wreck because he really wanted to ask Neil out on a date but wasn’t sure what Neil would say. Owen took a deep breath and decided to rip it off like a Band-Aid. “Wouldyouhavedinnerwithme?” Owen said quickly.


“Umm, would you have dinner with me? Like a date.”

“I’ve never been on a date before,” Neil said and seemed to be thinking hard on that.

“You don’t like dating?”

Neil shrugged. “No one has ever asked me before. They just want to fuck and that’s it.”
 Coming July 15th


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