Still Wishing (Pickleville #6)

Coming to Extasy Books July 15th! Great summer read!

They place the white chair thing in the tub and screwed something into the sides of it so it locked in somehow. Leonard left after they were done, closing the door behind him. Neil stayed, turning to face him. Owen bent at the waist, trying to hide as much of himself as he could. He knew his face must be red, and for a black man that was probably a sight.

 “Can you get the hell out of the bathroom? Please?” Owen wasn’t above begging in that moment.

 “No. I have to make sure the chair is fixed in place. You’ll fall otherwise,” Neil said. 

“Can you wait until after I’m done using the toilet?” 

“Sure, but I have a question. How can you feel it when you pee or poop?” 

“Oh my God. This house is—” he was going to say crazy but then he looked up at Neil out of the corner of his eye and couldn’t finish that sentence. He looked so eager to help. The open expression on his face made Owen pause. For the second time in his life, he thought about what he wanted to say before it slithered out of his mouth, and it happened while he was sitting on the toilet. 

“I have a partial spinal cord break, so I can feel some things below my waist, like when I have to go to the bathroom.” 

“Can you feel your dick?” Neil inquired, his head cocked to one side like a dog. 

“Oh my God. Yes. Now can you go please?”


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