#MySexySaturday-We're Sexy HOT!

My Sexy Saturday turns 100 today and We're Sexy HOT this week! I have it on good authority that #MySexySaturday will celebrate with an end of summer bash the third week in September. I'll definitely post more about that in the future when I have all the finer details. 

To celebrate the 100th blog tour I'm giving a sneak peek at the next Lakehouse Security book, Locke's Love (Lakehouse Security #4). The book comes out August 1st. So far the cover as remained in my vault (Just kidding-I don't have a vault, but I really haven't shown anyone until today).


Unrequited love really sucked sometimes, especially when you’re stuck with them for days.

Danny Newell has loved Locke for six years. Every time they have to work together that love grows just a little bit more desperate. Of course, it would be easier if Locke gave him the time of day. When Danny gets a phone call late at night and goes out on a mission by himself the last person he expects to go after him is Locke. Being stuck on a mission with a man that despises him is not his favorite thing to say the least.

Locke had a knack for ignoring people. Even as a kid, he was good at it. He sat and ate his food in silence. Danny sat on the other bed, his legs stretched out in front of him with a laptop on his thighs. He typed away and stole peeks at Locke whenever he thought Locke wasn’t looking. Other than the small stolen looks, Danny acted like he hadn’t even entered the room.
Normally the silence never bothered Locke. Locke really didn’t care if he hurt someone’s feelings or caused them discomfort by ignoring them.
As of yet Danny hadn’t said a word to him and it was bugging the ever loving shit out Locke. Locke could feel the tension crawling up his back and the silence thicken the air around him.
Locke finally felt like he was going to burst open and said the first thing that came to his mind. “I need all of Phillip Avery’s files sent here. Is that something you can get or would it be easier to contact Justin?”
“I can get it without a problem but Avery’s kind of in jail now, so why do you need it?” Danny still typed away at his computer without looking at Locke, which again was pissing Locke off.
“I just do.”
Danny looked up from his computer then, his eyes narrowed. “I’m on this mission with you and I don’t want to get killed because you’re in a pissy mood and don’t feel like telling me shit.”
“I saw someone that resembled Avery. I want to check his family history.”
“Was that so hard?” Danny smirked.
Locke stood up and paced the room. He came back around to where Danny sat and stood at the end of the bed. “Stand up.”
“What? No. I’m getting you the files on Avery. What fucking more do you want from me?”
Oh, Locke was either going to kill him or kiss him. He’d make up his mind which when the man stood up. “Stand. Up.”
“Leave me alone, Locke. You got what you wanted. I’m over you and trying to get your scraps of attention.”
“And I’m tired of your attitude now stand up or I’m going to take that computer from you and make you stand up.”
“Don’t you dare threaten Bonnie.” Danny shut the lid on his computer and held it to his chest.
Locke narrowed his eyes and took a step closer. Danny put a hand up and gently set the computer on the bed. “I mean it, Locke. I’m not above exacting revenge if you break her.”
“Well, I mean it too. Stand up.”
“Fine.” Danny stood up then, his arms at his side but his fists were doubled, like he was preparing to fight Locke if he had to but he really didn’t want to.
Until that moment, Locke had no idea what he was going to do. He just didn’t want to get ignored by this man anymore. Danny still wouldn’t look at him, his eyes were on a spot on the bed’s comforter.
“Look at me,” Locke said.
“I’m not going to hurt you. Look at me.”
Danny looked at him then and Locke saw that he’d already hurt him. Locke took a step closer until they were inches apart. He pressed his lips to Danny’s hard, grabbing the back of his head to hold him in place. Danny tried to pull away but Locke held him in place, claiming him in that one kiss. Danny fought just enough for Locke to eventually let him go. 


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