#MySexySaturday--Our Sexy Place

This week #MSS102 is Our Sexy Place and what is sexier than riding on the back of a horse with the love of your life. In the Pickleville series every book takes place in a small town. In book 6 Neil is a cowboy who loves horses. Owen not so much. It makes for a very sweet sexy scene. An excerpt is below.

What happens when an angry, bitter man meets the love of his life?

Sometimes you have to lose it all to gain the best in life.
Owen Ashby was in a car accident that didn’t only leave him paralyzed but changed his whole life forever. Owen turns into an angry man, pushing everyone who loves him away. His brother and cousin drop him off at the Heath Farm as a last ditch effort to help Owen get on with his life and change his attitude. Owen meets Neil, a farmhand whose innocence captures Owen’s attention. Neil is the only one that has been able to see through Owen’s bad attitude. Owen must get his life together if he wants a chance with Neil.


Neil led the horse out of the barn, Owen followed behind them. Travis stood next to this step stool thing that looked more like two steps going absolutely nowhere. Neil swung up into the saddle and walked the horse over to those steps. Owen moved his chair away from them, backing up. Travis came over to him then.

“If you don’t you’re going to hurt his feels,” Travis whispered to him, bending down.

Owen sighed. “Fine, but I do this under protest. And if I die I’m suing. Don’t think I won’t.”

Owen wheeled himself over to the horse. The gigantic horse was the only thing he saw until Neil said, “Trust me, Owen.”

 “It’s not that I don’t trust you. It’s that I prefer cows,” Owen said.

Travis snorted out a laugh. “You can’t ride a cow.”

“That’s why I prefer them.”

“Suck it up and get up there. Do it for Neil.” This last part Travis whispered to him. “I’m going to lift you up to him now.”

Travis lifted him with an arm around his back and one under his legs. Owen let out a little squeal when Travis climbed the two steps. He clung to Neil when he was passed to him, shutting his eyes when the horse shifted its weight underneath them. He couldn’t help trembling as the horse took a step back.

“Please don’t let me fall,” he whispered in Neil’s arms. He felt the muscles in his waist shift and looked over to see Travis adjust his legs so that he was actually sitting on the saddle in front of Neil in a side-saddle sort of way.

“I’ve got you.”

Owen nodded but didn’t loosen his death grip on Neil even a little. He really tried to think past the fear that seemed to grow every time the horse moved, but he was having a harder and harder time.
“I’m gonna tell her to walk now, okay,” Neil said.

“No!” Owen couldn’t do this. He was going to die up on this damn horse, which was not at all how he saw himself going. It would be like his accident all over again.

“Hey, look at me,” Neil demanded. Neil must know how much it turned Owen on when he got that forceful with him. That tone had Owen instantly obeying. 

“Just keep looking at me,” Neil said. He shifted his eyes to whatever was ahead of them, making a clicking noise with his tongue and got the horse moving.


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