Keeping It Sexy #MySexySaturady

This weeks theme for My Sexy Saturday is keeping it sexy and what could be sexier then Three men having a picnic on the beach. That especially sounds nice for the fourth of July celebration.


Sometimes you have to walk through fire to get to love and acceptance.

Tripp has one main job and that’s to get into the cult’s compound to save the two remaining hostages. The best way he knows how to do that is to get caught himself and thrown into one of those cells. He’s an expert at locks and can get out of anything. He’s not worried until the guards put him in a cell with Jacob Klein. It’s only then that Tripp starts to panic for the little man’s survival.

Paulo Carreiro just needs to find work after retiring from the military and he doesn’t want to ask his brother Locke for a job. When Phillip Avery calls him to come work for him, Paulo gets a weird vibe. The minute he sees the compound he knows something isn’t right. It’s his dumb luck that the very place he gets a job his brother is investigating for kidnapping gay men and holding them hostage.


Tripp came into the kitchen just as Jacob and Paulo were finished packing the cooler. Jacob smiled at him and came up to give him a hug. Tripp kissed the top of his head and wrapped his arms around Jacob’s waist, lifting him up into a kiss.

“Hi,” Tripp said when he ended the kiss.

“Hi. Paulo needs a kiss from you, too,” Jacob whispered. Jacob wasn’t the type to talk very loudly so anything he said came out as a whisper.

“Okay,” Tripp said and kissed the end of his nose before putting him back on his feet. Tripp kept an arm around

Jacob’s shoulders even as he went over to Paulo and kissed his cheek. Paulo looked stunned for about a second before schooling his features, getting that cool calculation he always kept on his face, except when he looked at Jacob.

“What was that for?” Paulo said. Tripp shrugged, smiling at him, not getting swayed by that stoic look Paulo had on his face. Tripp wanted to wipe that look away. He really wanted to throw Paulo on the bed and fuck his sexy ass, but Paulo wasn’t ready for that, so Tripp settled for kissing his cheek again.

This time Paulo blushed so prettily, which just endeared him to Tripp even more.

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