Bronwyn's WIP-Werewolves and Vampires OH MY!

This is my werewolf/vampire one. I am 5.3K into the story that has a min of 6K. It’s an erotic paranormal sort story in a standalone series called An Alphas World.

This is either book 1 or 2, it will depend on if I put it in, or put the next book into a charity anthology and it gets accepted. This also will depend on when I publish them in 2016. Yes, either way, the book is coming out next year.

Therefore, this week’s WIP sneak peek comes from Taking A Stand, with a reminder that this is from a first draft. I’m truly sorry for all the mistakes.

Panting up the storm, Dem marched up to the club’s door, his brain filled with visions of chaos. Dem snarled at the bouncer, as he tried his hardest to rain in the madness but it was already too late. Anger, greed, and horniness had the hair grow across his body. His vision had already turned red, bloodlust the only sight he sore and he needed to get his hands on the vampire who’d cause all his problems.
The bouncer eyed him, but stepped aside as a slight buzz rang in the air around them. Dem couldn’t hear what was being said, and he didn’t want to. All that was in him was a need to get to his vampire, to string the arsehole up and give him a lesson.
The interior of the club was everything you’d imagine it to be. Dark and warm, it reeked of blood and sex. The smell drifted up around his feet, like steam coming from the earth when the sky was to cold. It enticed, tried to distract Dem from his pursuit, but it couldn’t, he needed to get his hands on the vampire, needed to…
A body ran into his, and Dem went nuts. Claws rapidly grow out of the tops of his fingers, and his arm muscles popped and shifted slightly, turning him into the half beast, they were famous for.
Screams circled him, soothed him as they made him want more. His arms came up, swiping at the human who’d gotten in his way. However, they never made contact staying and stilling inches away from that face Dem wanted to bloody up so very badly.
Dem snarled, bite into the air as his other arm came up doing the same. The blood, he needed the blood, needed to roll around in it’s warm. To feed on the skin and flesh he would have won in his short-lived battle.
Human’s was stupid, going up against something more superior to them, and this one would lose because of his foolishness.
Something stopped his other arms as well. Dem snarled, bite at the arm, used his whole body in order to get to the man, not in the right mind to understand that he needed to work things out.
He was pulled backwards as he fought. His arms and legs became stronger, fighting against that which was stopping him. His clothing ripped sightly, not come apart as he didn’t become that much bigger than his already hefty size, but he couldn’t say the same about his shoed. His clawed toes teared away at the rubber before they dug into the concrete flooring. He was gaining ground and until a vampire appeared out of nowhere, the one he was here to see, and a thick fist was in view a second before he was hit in the side of the head and all the lights in the world turned off.

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