Bronwyn's WIP Friday

It’s WIP Friday

This one isn’t quite a WIP but it’s what I’m working on this week. It’s a blog story (that no one read) and so I’m revamping it, editing it and publishing it in November 2015.

so we are clear this is not edited. Still in first drafts

“I miss you.” Mike’s voice was low, not whispering, but definitely discreet. Though being that it was nearly midnight, Jacob wasn’t surprised.
“I know, miss you too. Wish I was there.”
“Me too.” Mike sighed. “But you have other people’s problems to deal with.”
“You tell them?”   
A deep sigh. “No. I can’t seem to open my mouth. I’m so fucking nervous.”
“You know you don’t have to do this, right?”
“Yeah, I do. For you. For us. They need to know. Everyone needs to know. Or what’s the difference?”
“The difference is you told me you loved me. You don’t hide me like I’m some dirty fucking secret anymore. That’s enough for me. I know you wouldn’t hide me from your family if they asked. I just don’t get why you need to put yourself through this.”
Mike sighed. “I need to. I think the worst of it is I know how they are going to react.”
Jake joined him, sighing. “They may surprise you.”         
Mike huffed a laugh. “Doubt it.” There was a long pause. “I feel like I’m fifteen again, trying to tell them that I don’t want to work for dad but for uncle Rog.”
Jake laughed; he’d heard this story before.
“Fucking plumbers,” Mike mimicked what Jake assumed was his dad’s tone, “nothing but gutter bums, don’t know why you’d want to work for that lot.”
“But if it wasn’t for that we would’ve never met.”
“Yeah…” Mike sighed. It was different from all the other times Jake had said that. Instead of the setting regret that his whole life had been screwed over because of that point, it was one of wonder. Awe.       
“Nothing like the ass crack of a hot guy as he tried to stop the toilet from vomiting shit.”
Mike laughed, a little loud at first before he covered his mouth. “God I miss you. Wish you were here. Can’t seem to sleep without my arms around you.”
‘’Aw babe, sorry. Ya sure you don’t want me to come down there?”
“Nah, it’s okay, you have thing you need to do. I’ll get this done and be home a few hours later.”
“They ain’t gonna throw you out babe, they may be shocked but they love you.”
“Yeah, but we both know—hell, you work with the result of the opposite, so sorry if I’m not as optimistic as you.”
“Ah well, that’s true.”
“More to the point, aren’t you a point of your statement being false?”
“Yeah,” he whispered. “Wish I came with you.”
“It would have been easier if you were with me. Probably quicker too. Seeing as they would ask and I’d tell them as soon as we stepped in the door. It’s the whole bringing it up that’s hard.”
“Yeah, I remember.” Jake laughed, it was one of recognition and a way to make light. The only thing he could do now, with the memory.
“It’s not like there’s ever an opportunity in normal conversation or anything.”
“No, ‘oh Betsy did you see Donald’s son’s new boyfriend’.” Jake laughed
“Hell, I’d even take them yelling at the TV screen, right now.”
“What? ‘Don’t be a fag ref, that’s totally out’?”
“Yeah, then I could just say, ‘speaking of faggots….’” Mike laughed.
Jake copied him. “You would too, wouldn’t ya?”
“Hell yeah, how else am I meant to tell‘em?”
“I don’t know, like a normal person, I reckon.”

So this story will be out in November 2015 earler rather than later, but like I said I haven’t gotten it edited and therefore don’t wish to put an actually date out in the public yet.

You want to see April’s WIP go here:


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