Bronwyn Heeley's WIP

WIP Friday again, yay!!

This one is coming from book 2 in my Sci-Fi series. It’s a new thing that came out of me fixing up My Outside My Inside, and I love it, the idea, that is

The series is called Encounter in Space, I’m thinking, and this one’s is Outside Sanity. It will be coming out in January 2016 sometime, I’m hoping the first week

Please remember it’s in first drafts still, so not even slightly edited.

The cage shifted, tipping up on one corner and tumbling John into the other, which just happened to be the opposite from where he’d been huddling.
The bar’s hurt his hand and cheek as he tried to save himself from the fall but he didn’t know it had been about to come alone with it being a very violent move. It was as if the person didn’t give a shit about the condition he’d be found in once they opened up the metal box they’d slide his cage into.
It was hard for John to get up the courage to shift his body enough that his face wasn’t hurting any more as it lay against the thick metal bar, with his forehead on the metal of shipping box he’d been put into.
Tears bubbled up into his eyes and ran down from the pain. He blinked, letting it run down his cheek, not caring that they happened, that they existed. Hell, it wasn’t as if he didn’t have a lot to cry over, and the fact that he was only tearing up from the sharp pain, John was sure was a bruised bone, or broken cheek.
He’d been down this road before. He knew the pains of his own body, he’d been though more than….
John swallowed hard. He didn’t want to think of the last fifteen years. Didn’t want to remind himself of the horrors he’d had to deal with or the ones he was sure he’d be heading towards, it wasn’t like he didn’t know the drill by now, and no matter what they do to him, or him himself, he always managed to wake up the next morning.
Every single morning.

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