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This week blog swap we are going to talk books we love.


This week it’s contemporary series.


As soon as we started talking about this, one series popped into my mind. Before I wondered, bam! this was it, my fav.


And then the thoughts tumbled, because I have a LOT of contemporary series that I love, that are top 10 that are great and wonderful and I’d LOVE LOVE to talk about, but I’ve been caught up on this series, and with a re-read I think it’ll be the one I’ll talk about first.


Heaven Sent series by Jet Mykles


This is one of the first mm series that I read. This was before I had my iPad and really entered the mm romance genre. It’s a manga style light contemporary.


The series revolves around the band Heaven Sent, they are popular, they are hot, and of course they are all falling for men, lol


They series is written in the one of the MC’s head, the bottom’s that is, and starts with the singer.




We enter the series with Taylor a sweet sexually clueless manager of a hotel. They have just opened a nightclub and Heaven Sent agreed to be the grand opening act.


Taylor makes you fall in love with him as fast as Johnny does. He’s cute and innocent and he’s so full of drama without it really being drama, lol.


He makes you fall for the band, makes you want to learn more about them.


Johnny Heaven is the lead singer, the mouthpiece, he’s hair is as outrageous as the rest of him, and he can pull it off without it being tacky.


He makes Tylor fall for him, because he’s just that loud a character, a rip that pulls you out into water you didn’t want to be in, and yet when you’re there, when you stop to look around you realise that it’s good. This is good. This is where I should have been all along.


And enough about me school room description, lol.


Next is Purgatory


This is Reese he’s an artist that after a rejection from the one man he’s loved he’s completely turned his life into something he’s not.


He’s gone straight and left his art ways behind.


This is really one of these stories that should make you curl you’re lip and wonder why someone would do that just because of one little rejection. Like yeah it hurts but you’ve decided that you aren’t gay because of one dude hurting you.


But you don’t. Maybe because you’re in Reese’s head. Maybe because we come into it with little bit of history but more so at the moment when the man comes back wanting what he rejected and make Reese, him again.


Of course, there’s tension, there’s a moment when you think it’s not going to work, and parts that gets your chest to tighten a little.


I loved it. It’s wasn’t anything like the first. They were closely linked together, but more so, it made one of those eye-rolling troupes in this genre not seem like the troupe it was.



We move onto Hell 


They are overseas working on the next album when there producer introduces them Hell, cute little minx that catches and holds Brent’s eye.


This is a heart breaking story, or at least as heart breaking as this series can get, because you feel for Brent so much, and you love him, because he’s just so… fragile in a way, and he’s history …


Hell is my favourite of the series and I don’t want to give it all away. And I feel I will, I just want to gush


This one is the next level up from the one before. it’s about not seeing in yourself what everyone else is seeing and, well we also get to meet Hell, cute little minx that he is.


Faith is next.


I don’t really want to spoil this for you, but this ones on the other end of what the last two books were about.


We have Darien, the talker, the hyper member of the band and the one that was straight right up to the moment he met Chris. Which, so to Darien’s personality rose a brow and then had him shrugging, “maybe there was something to this gay thing”.


I love this story, it’s my second fav of the series, maybe because I have a little Darien in me, maybe because he’s just cute that way.


There is a nice little holiday special book called Genesis that deals with Brent’s hurting his hand and some other little facts. It’s done in parts, each a different MC’s head from the previous books. it also introduces us to Rabin, who is the first book in the spin-off series Indigo Knights, that if you love this series you will HAVE to read that one.


Lastly the one that a lot of mm romance readers won’t read because, well, there’s lady parts


Revelations is a threesome and to me it’s much more about the Owen then the other two, not only because he’s the only one that seems to really want the 3some to work, but he’s truly the most loveable of the two.


The biggest problem with this book, I think, isn’t so much that Gretchen is a woman but she’s not truly a likeable person, she’s very selfish and makes even stupider decision, to the point that you only want her there because Owen LOVES her.


Then there’s Archer but I truly think you should meet him, he’s quite something.


I really, liked the story, like it was my favourite but it ended the series quite nicely. Though if lady parts aren’t your thing, and there is a lot of boy on boy action too, anyway, if it’s not your thing, you can quite simply miss this book and you wouldn’t, well, miss anything


There are also holiday interludes and they are Hot!!


And like I said a spin-off, which is just as good as the first


Anyway, you wanna check them out on goodreads:


Now, come check out what April’s fav is:



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