A List of Lakehouse Security

Sudden Love (Lakehouse Security #1)

When Love comes suddenly, sometimes you just have to go with it. 

Xander Newell isn’t the one nightstand type of guy. He wants a commitment with someone who is willing to put up with his crazy family and being away on the job sometimes. Finding someone who is willing to put up his brothers, who he lives and works with on a daily basis is hard to find. Still Xander’s not willing to compromise. Xander gets called off bodyguard duty to investigate this religious cult that may be tied to some kidnappings of young men. He finds Aaron Keller, one of the missing young men. What he doesn’t expect is the instant attraction and longing for the man. Xander just wants to keep Aaron safe, even if that means backing off.

Hostage Love (Lakehouse Security #2)

All Ryan Newell wants to do his prove to his brothers he is just as capable as them of going out on a mission. This time they actually listen, sending him out to rescue three men from a cult that is holding them prisoner. Right from the start things go wrong. One of the prisoners, Zach Landen, manages to break out of his cell and holds him at knife point. 

Ryan hates the idea of calling for back up but knows he needs to after he learns Zach is very ill. It’s second nature for Ryan to take care of Zach, but Ryan’s giving nature has gotten him in trouble before. Does he really want to get hurt again?

Silent Love (Lakehouse Security #3)

Sometimes you have to walk through fire to get to love and acceptance.

Tripp has one main job and that’s to get into the cult’s compound to save the two remaining hostages. The best way he knows how to do that is to get caught himself and thrown into one of those cells. He’s an expert at locks and can get out of anything. He’s not worried until the guards put him in a cell with Jacob Klein. It’s only then that Tripp starts to panic for the little man’s.

Paulo Carreiro just needs to find work after retiring from the military and he doesn’t want to ask his brother Locke for a job. When Phillip Avery calls him to come work for him, Paulo gets a weird vibe. The minute he sees the compound he knows something isn’t right. It’s his dumb luck that the very place he gets a job his brother is investigating for kidnapping gay men and holding them hostage.

Locke's Love (Lakehouse Security #4) Coming August 1st
Persistent Love (Lakehouse Security #5) Coming September 1st
Repeating Love (Lakehouse Security #6) Coming October 1st

There will be a spin-off Series for the Demon Elite assassins. Each book will be a standalone featuring one of the Demon Elite team members. I'll definitely let you know when the first book in this series will be available.

For more information and a completely list of books that are coming soon visit my website's coming soon page. http://www.authoraprilkelley.com/#!news-and-events/c1pz


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