Silent Love (Lakehouse Security #3) Excerpt

Here's an excerpt of Silent Love (Lakehouse Security #3). Don't forget to Enter the giveaway to win a copy of this book! The link is below.

Jacob hadn’t been able to look at Tripp until that moment when Jacob looked right into his eyes. Before it was almost as if Jacob was blind or couldn’t emotionally handle another person. When they were in the cell together Jacob acted like he was in pain sometimes, but that pained look slowly faded over the past few days. It wasn’t there at all now when Jacob studied his face like he was looking for something important, some sort of confirmation. Whatever it was Tripp hoped it would help Jacob figure things out for himself.

Tripp smiled and whispered, “There you are.”

A small corner of Jacob’s mouth turned up, not a full smile and the little attempt at a smile never reached Jacob’s eyes, but Tripp still felt like he accomplished something special.

“I’m glad you’re back, Jake,” he whispered again.

Jacob leaned forward and pressed his lips to Tripp’s. Tripp was so stunned he couldn’t do anything but just let it happen, not even kiss Jacob back. Jacob’s lips were soft though. Tripp had put Chapstick on them over and over, which was what Ryan said to do. When Jacob ended the kiss, Tripp traced Jacob’s lips with his finger, as if he were putting moisturizer on his lips.

“You’re full of surprises today. But do you see me or do you just need to feel something from someone else?”

Jacob’s eyebrows came together, not quite a scowl but close enough that Tripp understood he didn’t like the question. Jacob laid his head back on Tripp’s shoulder.

“I’m sorry, Jake.” Tripp held him closer, his fingers snaking under Jacob’s shirt wanting to touch soft tan skin.

“Really, Tripp. He’s not in the right frame of mind for you to feel him up. We’re home, by the way,” Ryan said from the front seat of the car. The car came to a stop and the engine shut off.

“He kissed me,” Tripp said.

“Yeah, right. Now who needs mental help,” Ryan rolled his eyes. Ryan got out of the car and practically ran to a big redheaded guy that Tripp figured was Zach. Another redhead in the house was good. Maybe Tripp wouldn’t be the only one taking the brunt of the ginger jokes.

Coming July 1st!

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Cinders Osborne said…
I want it now!!!! Lol
Five more days :) This book was so much fun to write. I really love Tripp! So, so much.

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