Men of Pickleville

Luis Flynn is the middle brother of the Flynn family. The oldest brother, Brad, has his own story called A Tarnished Truth. It's book 4 in the series. The youngest, Caden, gets his story in book 8. All three brothers have taken care of each other for most of their lives. Their mother died when they were all very young and their dad was a very abusive alcoholic. Unfortunately, Brad received most of the abuse. When their father made an attempt to go after Luis when he was just thirteen years old, Brad took both Luis and Caden, the youngest brother away, creating a home with just the three of them.

While Luis' life is much better he still carries the physical and emotional scars from his past.

Royce Hessing has made a life for himself in Pickleville. He owns the auto garage in town and used to own the bar too, although he sold that to his cousin, Kendrick. He loves his family and would to anything for them. He considers Kyler and Luis, the two men that work for him, to be family. He's in his forties and set in his ways, not willing to bend for very many people.


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