Hide and Seek (A Lakehouse Security Short Story)

Hide and Seek by April Kelley
(Xander and Aaron)
Aaron was playing a game and Xander was going to let him have it when he finally caught him. He could hear Aaron giggle from down the hall, but this hall was largely empty so the sound echoed off the empty bare walls. The brothers had never used this part of the house. They had renovated the mansion several years before. The mansion was way too large for him and his four brothers, even if their little family was growing, what with Aaron and Zach marrying into the family. Or as close to marrying as gay men can get anyway.
Xander knew Aaron explored the mansion when he was bored. Aaron seemed to like walking around these empty rooms like a ghost, exploring all the little nooks. Hell, Aaron probably knew these rooms better than Xander did. 
 “My shirt is off, Xand,” Aaron yelled.
Xander couldn’t help but smile. He entered a room that was completely bare. He went through what would be the sitting room and into the bedroom part of the house, looking into the bathroom before heading out of the room. Just as he got out of the room he saw a shirtless Aaron enter one of the bedrooms.
“I’m taking my shoes off.” Aaron giggled. Xander couldn’t help but smile. Yep, when he caught Aaron Xander was going to let him have it good.
Xander entered the room he saw Aaron go into and same Aaron’s shoes in the middle of the floor. This particular room didn’t have a sitting room like most of the other bedrooms, it was just one big open space. Xander went over to the closet and opened it and quickly moved on to the bathroom that happened to connect to the room next door.  Aaron wasn’t in there.
If Xander had remember that the room had a shared bathroom he wouldn’t have even entered this room. He really had to take the time to explore the house with Aaron. He’d be much better at this little game Aaron loved to play.
Xander didn’t bother going through the bathroom door. Aaron would already be through the next room. If Xander was a betting man he’d take odds on Aaron going straight across the hall, so Xander headed that way. He leaned in the door way of the room watching Aaron take off his socks. Aaron’s back was to him and Xander got a good look at Aaron’s small cute little ass.
“You’re going to have clothes all over this section of the house,” Xander said and folded his hands in front of his chest.
Aaron gave a neat little scream and jumped about a foot in the air. He throw the sock in his hand and took off for the closet, slamming the door was he ran into it. Xander scowled and was so shocked Aaron could do such a thing that he stood there for several minutes. He unfolded his arms and walking over to the closet, opening the door. It was completely empty, just white walls and a wooden bar. Xander walked in and shut the door. The darkness was immediate except for a small light that filtered through the back wall.
Xander opened the closet door and left the room quickly. He walked into the room next door, just inside and noted Xander’s jeans and underwear on the floor. Xander went over and picked up Aaron’s clothing. He held them in his hand as he left the room for the one next door. The minute he entered he knew Aaron was in here somewhere, probably in the bedroom.
Xander walked to the only other room in the house where he saw Aaron on the only piece of furniture in this part of house. A bed was against the far wall. Aaron was completely naked on the bed. In the few months they had been together Aaron had filled out some. About two months ago Aaron demanded that he be taught self-defense and since then Aaron had filled out a little. He was still a small, lean little thing but he looked healthy and had a glow about him that Xander found sexy.
Aaron was smiling at him from the center of the bed. He was up on his elbows and had a leg up. He had his dark hair cut just a couple days ago that made him look his age instead of so much younger than was usual. His eyes were so dark they looked almost black, except for the little sparkle that lit up his eyes.
“Neat closet trick.” Xander dropped Aaron’s jeans and pulled his shirt over his head. Xander licked his lips at the way Aaron looked.  He took his shoes and socks off quickly.
“Isn’t though. I discovered some of the rooms had those hidden doors last week,” Aaron said, his eyes filled with lust. Aaron’s already half-hard cock was fully hard in seconds.
“I see you didn’t bother telling me about it.” Xander unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans before pushed them down, taking them off completely. He grabbed them up from the floor, digging in his pocket for the small single use packet of lube.
“That would have been less fun.” Aaron said and grinned.
“That’s true.” Xander took off his underwear and climbed on the bed. Crawling to Aaron who put his arms around Xander’s neck pulling him down the second Xander settled over him.
Xander smiled and kissed the tip of Aaron’s nose. “I love you.”
Xander took Aaron’s lips in a lustful kiss. He needed so much from this man. Not just the return of his kiss or the gentle love making that was about to happen, but he needed the playfulness Aaron brought to his life. Xander was far too serious most of the time, even he knew that.
Aaron moved his hips so that their cocks rubbed together. Aaron pulled back and whispered, “I’m already stretched. Please, Xander.”
“You’ve been very busy.” Xander pictured Aaron’s long, slender fingers sliding in and out of his ass and sucked in a breath.
He moved his hips up off of Aaron, his hand coming down to grip his cock, guiding it to Aaron’s hole. He pushed in slowly and hissed at the pleasure. “Fuck. Aaron.”
Aaron’s eyes closed and his mouth fell open as Xander’s cock pressed against his prostate. Once Xander was fully seated he pulled back out again quickly, pushing in again just as slow. “Harder. Stop playing.”
Xander would have chuckled but the pleasure was too great. He followed Aaron’s order after that, setting a good rhythm, making sure he pegged Aaron’s prostate each time. Xander placed kisses along Aaron’s jawline and to his ear. “I need you so much. Always.” His lips trailed down to Aaron’s neck kissing a few times before settling in.
Aaron’s leg’s wrapped around his waist, meeting him thrust for thrust. His legs tightened and Aaron could feel hot cum shot between them. Aaron’s ass tightened on his cock and that was all it took for Xander to cum in Aaron’s ass.
It was long minutes before Xander felt Aaron’s leg loosen around his waist. “I love you too,” Aaron whispered into his ear.
Xander smiled against Aaron’s neck.
“Also, I won.” Aaron said and giggled.
“I let you win.” Xander said even though this time Aaron was a step ahead of him the whole time.
Aaron made a sound of protest. “You’re supposed to be the best tracker out of anyone and I still kept ahead of you. I won fair and square. You’re slipping, Soldier.”
Xander kissed Aaron on the neck and pulled out of his ass slowly. Aaron still grunted out a protest. Xander stood up quickly. “You cheated.”
“What! I did not.” Aaron was off the bed and following Xander across the room. “Oh, eww. You’re cum is running down my legs.”
Xander chuckled. “Let’s wash off in the shower.” Aaron looked like a debauched dark angel, with cum all over his abdomen.
“No way am I showering with you until you say I won.”
Xander chuckled. “You won. Good job, honey.”
“Thank you.” Aaron sashed his cute ass past Xander into the bathroom. 


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