Getting Back to Good (Pickleville #5) Excerpt

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“Morning, Boss,” Kyler said. “Are you coming to watch Greg and Neil play tonight?”
“Yep. I have a date I’m bringing tonight.”
Luis was really glad he was under the car and neither man could see the devastation on his face. To Luis’ knowledge, Royce had never had a date in all the years Luis had been his employee.
Unrequited love really sucked sometimes.
“You? Have a date?” Kyler said, confirming Luis’ own thoughts on the subject.
 “Yep. Close your mouth, Kyler. It’s not that big of a surprise.”
“Yes, it is and someone is going to be really heartbroken.” Luis moaned and Kyler gasped. “Shit. Did I say that out loud?”
“Who?” Royce asked.
“Umm... just forget I said anything,” Kyler said, but his hesitation sounded off, as if he was pointing a finger under the car even as he said the words. That little fucker probably did just do that, too. “Luis. I need to see you in my office please,” Royce said and Luis slid out from under the car. That was all Luis needed to confirm his suspicions.
“Thanks a lot, big mouth.” Luis stood up, glaring at Kyler, then wiped his hands on the rag Kyler handed him. Kyler was grinning like a lunatic, which told Luis he wasn’t apologetic about what he’d blurted out at all. “Asshole. I’ll get you back.”
Luis walked across the garage floor with his arms folded in front of his chest. When he got to the office doorway, he put his hands in his pockets and trained his eyes on the office floor. He knew his face was red with embarrassment. He shuffled his feet and pretended to be fascinated with the cement floor.
“What is he talking about?” Royce said, his voice sounding harsh in the quiet space. His ass was perched on the corner of his desk and his legs and arms were crossed in front of him. Luis knew this because he could see Royce out of his peripheral vision.
“I don’t know. You know how Kyler is.”
“Yes, as a matter of fact I do. Look at me.” Royce moved off the desk and came to stand in front of Luis. He put a finger under Luis’ chin and forced Luis to raise his head. Luis swallowed, trying to get rid of some of his nervousness. It didn’t work.


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