Bronwyn's WIP Friday

WIP Friday

So, I have decided to submit a book to a charity anthology. I hope that isn’t going to be good enough to be accepted, but I probably won’t know until sometime after September as that’s when the call ends.

You can see it for yourself here:

So the thought came, if you’re interested, that I had to have something BDSMish, I say it that way as I’m not really comfortable writing actual BDSM as I don’t really know anything about the lifestyle then what I’ve read (to me that’s not enough, it’s a near OCD thing with me, too). But that’s okay, they want dark, rough, paranormal erotica, and to me that’s not really BSDM lifestyle that’s one on its own and hot.

So I need a story… and from that story created a new standalone series called An Alphas World, this is what the Taking A Stand world.

This one is called Deep in the Woods, and is about a forced mating. And will be about the moon, sex, submission in the alpha world type with a touch of loving, ‘cause I’m a romantic.

Saying this both book will be finished by the end of July, as I want them both to go into editing together. Mostly, because I’m writing this series without dialog tags (if you didn’t notice from the Taking a Stand excerpt) and will need an editor that can deal with that.

Anyway, not sure if this will actually stay in the book when I get to full on writing, but it’s what I have

Unedited Excerpt for Deep in the Woods

Chips head hurt. A throb rang deep in his skull, throbbed at the base of his skull and tightened the muscles in his shoulders. He wanted to close his eyes and go back to sleep, but his eyes were already closed and the pain wasn’t going to be forgotten.
How’d he hurt himself?
Chips mind churned, he didn’t remember the last thing he did, was he at work? Did something fall on him?
No, he’d been at the pub, that’s right. He’d been drinking up big trying to unwind from the aggression the moon gave him the closer to the full moon came. Work had been a bitch, everything going wrong all at the worst possible time.
He got hammered, the smell of alcohol and cigarettes on his clothing called to that, clinging to him until he washed it all away.
Chip remembered walking out of the pub, calling goodbyes to his pack mates one last time as he let the door close behind him.
Then nothing.
“Oh man.” a sounds came to him, a soft pained moan that had Chip reacting. The full moon was tonight, he felt across his body, and the fact that there was someone else here, someone in the same space as him when he was disorientated, when he couldn’t properly defend himself.

--if I’m honest I’m thinking I might start the scene off with Chip on a chair, you know, thighs parted, relaxed looking as dominate shit, and his mate be freaking out around him, but…. We’ll have to see, wont we

Now that I’ve done prattling on like I’ve not tomorrow, come check out what April’s got going on


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