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I’ve chosen this one to start with because I just made the cover art for it. Which was a direct result in my seeing the picture and having to have it, but man, it’s pretty and you honestly can’t disagree with me.

I have always wanted to write myself a book with a kid in it. I’m not really sure why but I have.

So first I thought I’d write about a manny (may have been reading a little too much (if you can) Sean Michael) but Australian’s don’t really have this option in our fair country. So I’m going with day care worker instead, which will help me greatly as my mother and sister are both in that area, and my sister works with a male so if I need anything specific I can maybe as her if she’ll ask him (yay!)

So that’s one problem gone, the next was… how did he end up with a child??

One of the biggest problems, or maybe more than common troupe that goes around these types of stories (and I’m not saying I have a problem with the troupe), is that they always seem to show woman in a very unlikable manner, or they kill people off; the parents, the partner, the sister …

So that brings me to mine. I want to have one where the secondary character is the girls mum and that she’s a massive part of this family. That she’s a friend and that she’s just there.
But it’s hard, because you have those troupes going in and out of your mind, and you have to give him a child without…well, with him remaining alone.

Which has brought me to bisexuality, and that’s what my daddy is going to be. He and the mother were fuckbuddies and a wild night resulted in a baby, walla.

Now I’m hooked. I like this idea. I like having this subject, this part of the LGBT+ put into a story in a way that makes him everything he is. And yeah yeah, it’s not like the facts comes up much, it does, but it’s a great way to have an alive, happy and involved mother without him being in a sexual relationship with her.

It also gives me another hurtle to jump, because a lot of homosexual’s in the community don’t really like bisexual’s and I’m going to leave that there, because my thoughts on the subject are a whole post in themselves.

So with this thought I got a picture of the love interested, which is going to be interesting in itself as I’m going to make him camp (which I might need help pulling off, aka, reading a lot of Jet Mykles, as well as asking others for help) but I am in love already. Truly am. I just want to write it. I want you to read it, I want…

Anyway, I’ll leave you with a little excerpt from off the top of my head that sorta highlights the characters (sorta). I want to point out first that this will not make it into the book, like the information will, but probably not this exact conversation (at least I’m not going to force myself to)

Note: Hunter is the Daddy, Zach the Child Care worker

“Nah…” Hunter chuckled, “Me and Shaz were just fuck buddies. We’d only get together when a guy wanted to try a threesome.”
The look on Zach’s face was priceless, though more from the puzzlement than anything else.
Hunter winked as he came in closer, knocking their shoulders. “Let of ‘straight’ guys out there willing and up for threesomes, especially when they can go brag they’d fucked someone up the arse.”
“I still…”
“Well it ain’t like they’re going to be specific on whose arse it was, are they.”
“Guess not…” the poor wee boy, clearly he didn’t get out more, or at least not in the types of circles, he did.
“So after one of these threesomes, Shaz comes up to me and tells me she’s pregga’s and well, we both shit ourselves a little, as you can imagine,” he chuckled knocking back a large mouthful of beer as he settled. “But we were lucky and the kid was mine—Amber was mine, and so, well, here I am. What about you, you’ve always wanted kids right?”
“Right, I even thought about being straight so I could have them.”
Hunter laughed, he did so with a mouth full of beer and ended in a massive couching fit that had Zach hitting and rubbing his back.
“You right?” Zach asked, eyebrow raising in a way that spoke sarcasm
 “Lucky you didn’t got that way, you would have ended up with a crazy chick.”
“how so.”
“Dude, I bet your nightly outfit consists of a tight shirt, tighter pants, and a pair of killer boots.”
“They don’t.”
“You telling me you’ve never gone out in heels?”
Zach swallowed, looking away, blush tinted his cheeks.
“Hell mate, I bet your parents weren’t even shocked.”
“Mum was,” he said, like that made things better. He even did it in a way only teenage girls can really pull off. 
Hunter laughed harder. “I was right then, you’d end up with a crazy chick!”

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