Bronwyn's Interlude - WIP Addition

WIP Friday

Hey again everyone, if you’re just tuning in April and I blog swop on Fridays and for the next little while we are going to be showing you what’s to come. like the subtitle says, it’s WIP Friday

This week I’m going to be showing you the book I’m working on this month. It’s a werewolf/vampire short erotic romance.

The general plot is that werewolves aren’t allowed to submit to anyone but there alpha and that’s what this werewolf wants so desperately to do. it’s more a erotica then it is a romance as it’s only going to be, well, a min of 6K so the romance can’t really play that huge a roll, but it’ll def have the creating’s of one, have that knowledge that a romance is setting itself up.

Anyway, I’ll shut up and get on with an NSFW excerpt, (and please remember it’s not edited in any way, still, actually in first drafts).

Taking a Stand

Again, with the wall, Dem snarled, as his body slammed into the wall he’d just got himself off. The vampire’s teeth scraping as one hand went back up onto his throat, holding tight and the other down to his belt.
The struggle was slight, werewolves not going with accessories that took time to take off, not like the vampires, not like the guy behind him.
 The belt clattering against the wall had Dem pushing up onto his toes, hips rocking, rolling, needing air, pressure, friction—yeah friction would be better.
Button popped free. His cock, free of underwear, as it was a pointless piece of clothing other were better at dealing with, but not him. His cock pushed forward, the zipping, opening under his hardness, a bite with each tooth against his cock before the head hit against a brick, rested there, leaking, marked the wall, scented it with him. With this encounter, he’s moment of pleasure would be marked for a long while.
Fumbled fingers played against his still covered arse as stainless steel clanked and another cock was free.
“Are you going to be a good little puppy?” the words made him ache, made him nod, even though he shouldn’t. No, he shouldn’t be allowing this, but then he wasn’t. He wasn’t in charge, it wasn’t happening. He wasn’t submitting.
His pants where pushed down his thighs. His feet were kicked out from under him, opening him up, widening his stance.
Dem growled in pleasure as fingers and nails gript one arse check, pulling it away from the other, allowing a cold breeze to play against his anal muscles. His hips rocked forward, as his muscle clenched up tight before relaxing.
Vampire moved away from him, fingers still around his throat, just, but his body was far enough that Dem knew the vamp was able to see what was happening.
A thumb pushed against his anal muscle, hot and wet, swiped at him before pulling away again, and another glob of spit was heard coming out of his mouth.
Then back again, rubbing pushing, holding the place before the vamp stepped in closer, then a satin soft heat lined up, pushed in.
Dem sighed out, taking in a breath and tried to push all the tension out of his body as he could, while the Vampire gentle probed himself against Dem’s opening, wanting in, waiting impatiently for him to be allowed.
Burning pressure pushed against his body as the vampire forced the matter. Dem loved it, wanted it to stop, wanted more.
Dem’s own hips rocked, back and forth, side to side, slowly pushing himself on the vampire a millisecond at a time. Spit didn’t help much and neither did an unwilling body, Dem knew the Vamp would be feeling a vicious burn of his own as his skin pulled against the intrusion he was trying to commit.
It was more a feeling then a sound as the Vamp’s cock head popped inside his body. The pleasure had his body rippling. Hair, tendons, and bones shifted in a way that could only happen with a werewolf. It was a feeling he’d never felt before, not while fucking.
Heady, and powerful, it had him snarling into the wall as he braced himself, pushing back as the vamp shoved forward.
Flesh met flesh and allowed them both to pause, panted, though Dem wasn’t aware of this, his body tingled and shifted, gript and released as breath puffed against the back of his neck, making him more aware of the person behind him then he’d ever felt before.
Then it moved, slowly pulling out before sliding back in, testing, getting the body primed and ready for what was coming next.
The nails at Dem’s throat, tighten, teeth scrapped the back of his neck, pulling blood. Giving them an intimate little moment before the Vamp slid his hand around Dem’s throat before pushing his head completely into the bricks. His check rested against the roughness as that body behind him leant back, and then hips roughly pulled out before slamming back in with a grunt. The sound coming from them both, blending into one, allowing anyone who worked by to know what was happening down this little alley.
The movement went on, faster and harder, working at Dem’s body, using it in the most delicious way he’d not felt before—he’d fuck like this with others or more so to them, she bitches and mangy mongrels alike, always wanting what he was dishing out to be turned on him, hating that a vampire was the one doing it.
Sweat built up and washed down his body as the vampire rocked and rutted, pushed and pulled, making him take everything he was given.
His cock ached, rubbed raw by the brick it moved against.
“Grab it.” Vampires were perspective, Dem would give him that.
Shoulder leant into the wall it was pushed up against, Dem grabbed at his cock, giving it relief not only from the wall but also from the pressure. He’d never been able to get off on arse play alone, needing the added bonus of cock tugging to really drive his body up and up until he had no other choice up to spill him seed onto the wall in front of him.
The muffled scream was new, but then so was everything else that happened this night, and could he really blame himself? The Vamp had just given him the best ride of his life.
A deep grunted out puff came from behind him as the Vamp rested his head against Dem’s lower neck. A breath or two and his cock slipped out of Dem, cum followed, running down his leg, marking him up good and proper.
Getting his feet under himself, Dem pushed the bastard off him, pulled up his jeans as he went, zip and buckle done while he turned around in time to see the last part of the vampire gear tucked into place.
“Lovely.” the fucker smiled, teeth shining in the darkness, eyes bright and playful.
Dem lifted his chin, acknowledging, because lovely was a fucking understatement.
“We should definitely do it again.” laughed the cunt.
“Not on your life.” Snarled out of Dem, making the Vamp laugh, low and seductive, getting Dem’s spent cock shifting against his thigh.
Anger boiled up quickly in Dem at the sound, and being a smart little wolf had him turning and walking the fuck away. Not because he didn’t think he could take the vamp. It was more that he couldn’t deny anything the fucker said, not without lying, which they’d both know.
Dem couldn’t see the win, and he was old and ugly enough to know this wasn’t the time to stand and fight.
“Raven’s Chance.” Vampires and there fucking codes.
Dem huffed out a grunt, as he turned on the street and made himself not look back, not stop until he’d gotten into his Ute and started his baby up.

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