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WIP Friday

This is a book I’ve been waiting to write for a few years now, or at least one, now. It’s one that worries me to write as it’s about stereotyping and an effeminate neither are on the same MC.

I worry so much about this book, but I have another one with the same type of character in it, and being as this one’s a short story and the other I’m hoping for a novelette, well, makes sense to see if I can pull it off.

Saying this, the personality of each MC is very different, both in this short and in comparing my two MC’s I’m scared to write.

This book is suddenly become a series. Each book will be stand alones but they will hold a which is to try and bring light, or stop misconceptions. I have a few ideas and they will all be more YA heading towards NA as I think that’s more important, that younger readers can understand what’s they see, here or are told isn’t always truth.

I’d kept this as YA is possible as I’d prefer it that way, but I want sex and a lot of people won’t even like a cock sucked from someone under 18 even though I’m not writing for them, but for those who are drowned in sex and are seeking to have sex as young as 13.

But we’ll see how much I can keep out without taking away from the story, and unfortunately this first one will be New Adult (NA), as, well, let’s see below.

This misconception is what a person HAS to be when they step out of the closet. What they think being gay means, and how they have to act because of that.

Unedited excerpt with that NSFW element (also added, all MC’s are over the age of 18)

“Aren’t you worried someone’s gonna see ya,” Kody said from his knees in front of Harrison, his hands already loosening Harry’s belt.
“Why the fuck would it matter,” Harry said brushing aside Kody’s hands, a quick slip of his belt and he was able to push his boxers down with his pants to just under shit balls. No point getting chilly for a blowjob.
“Why don’t you just come out?” Kody asked before licking his lips. Harry likes the quality the most in Kody, the man was a brilliant cocksucker, made it even better than he couldn’t wait to get on his knees to suck one, just made him a little more perfect in Harry’s eyes.
Harry shrugged. “What it to you.”
“Nothing I suppose, just don’t understand why you don’t say you’re gay and get it over with.”
Then the man sucked him in deep. He always did that, no fucking foreplay, just a mouthful of cock and a deep suck so strong it almost felt like he was doing all he could to suck Harry’s fucking cock off his body.
It was perfection, hot wet, perfection; even more in this weather, freezing your nuts off while your cock was in heaven normally didn’t make the blowjob the most pleasant event in the world. At least when you’re with someone other than Kody who would pull off so much the cold wind would want a cock begging to be somewhere hot, either that mouth a breath away or somewhere inside Harry’s throat.


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