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What do I have Planned for the Lakehouse Security Series?

First of all, I'd like to thank everyone who participated in the contest! The book comes out tomorrow, July 1st!

I know I have a work in progress pages that covers Pickleville and Lakehouse Security both. If you didn't know go check it out. It is current and up-to-date information. The current information about the Lakehouse Security series is this:

I just finished book 4 in this series. Book 4 is Danny and Locke's story. Mikkel and Damon's story is next. Damon is the porn star that Xander was hired to guard in Sudden Love. Mikkel took over guard duty. Damon Shield was getting threatening emails and letters. Also in book one we find out he gets kidnapped. Aiden, the oldest brother, goes to help Mikkel get him back. Anyway, Damon is quite the party boy and likes sex a lot. It's going to be fun to find out how Mikkel reacts to that.

Here's a sneak peek at the cover of Danny and Locke's story.

If you read the series than you'll know that Locke is part of Ju…

Silent Love (Lakehouse Security #3) Excerpt 2

Coming Wednesday July 1st! The contest to win this book ends at Midnight tonight! So if you haven't entered make sure you do so soon. Just enter below

Tripp came into the kitchen just as Jacob and Paulo were finished packing the cooler. Jacob smiled at him and came up to give him a hug. Tripp kissed the top of his head and wrapped his arms around Jacob’s waist, lifting him up into a kiss.

“Hi,” Tripp said when he ended the kiss.

“Hi. Paulo needs a kiss from you too,” Jacob whispered. Jacob wasn’t the type to talk very loudly so anything he said came out as a whisper.

“Okay,” Tripp said and kissed the end of his nose before putting him back on his feet. Tripp kept an arm around Jacob’s shoulders even as he went over to Paulo and kissed his cheek. Paulo looked stunned for about a second before schooling his features, getting that cool calculation he always kept on his face, except when he looked at Jacob.

"What was that for?” Paulo said.

Tripp shrugged, smiling at him, not get…

#MySexySaturday 98

This weeks theme for #MySexySaturday is Our Sexy Men. One of my favorite characters from all of my books is Ryan Newell. Let me introduce you to the very nurturing Ryan. He's the youngest of the Newell brothers and the one that does most of the cooking and cleaning around the mansion. All he wants its to use the soldiering skills his older brother Xander taught him out in the field. But his brothers can all be wwwaaayyyyy over protective.

When they finally do let him go on a rescue mission he gets taken hostage. Sort of. You'll have to read the book to find out what happens. I will say that he does some very sexy ninja-like moves and saves the day.


Being a hostage isn’t so bad as long as you get to negotiate terms.

All Ryan Newell wants to do his prove to his brothers he is just as capable as them of going out on a mission. This time they actually listen, sending him out to rescue three men from a cult that is holding them prisoner. Right from the start things go wrong. …

Bronwyn's WIP Friday

WIP Friday
So, I have decided to submit a book to a charity anthology. I hope that isn’t going to be good enough to be accepted, but I probably won’t know until sometime after September as that’s when the call ends.
You can see it for yourself here:
So the thought came, if you’re interested, that I had to have something BDSMish, I say it that way as I’m not really comfortable writing actual BDSM as I don’t really know anything about the lifestyle then what I’ve read (to me that’s not enough, it’s a near OCD thing with me, too). But that’s okay, they want dark, rough, paranormal erotica, and to me that’s not really BSDM lifestyle that’s one on its own and hot.
So I need a story… and from that story created a new standalone series called An Alphas World, this is what the Taking A Stand world.
This one is called Deep in the Woods, and is about a forced mating. And will be about the moon, sex, submission in the alpha world type with a to…

Silent Love (Lakehouse Security #3) Excerpt

Here's an excerpt of Silent Love (Lakehouse Security #3). Don't forget to Enter the giveaway to win a copy of this book! The link is below.

Jacob hadn’t been able to look at Tripp until that moment when Jacob looked right into his eyes. Before it was almost as if Jacob was blind or couldn’t emotionally handle another person. When they were in the cell together Jacob acted like he was in pain sometimes, but that pained look slowly faded over the past few days. It wasn’t there at all now when Jacob studied his face like he was looking for something important, some sort of confirmation. Whatever it was Tripp hoped it would help Jacob figure things out for himself.

Tripp smiled and whispered, “There you are.”

A small corner of Jacob’s mouth turned up, not a full smile and the little attempt at a smile never reached Jacob’s eyes, but Tripp still felt like he accomplished something special.

“I’m glad you’re back, Jake,” he whispered again.

Jacob leaned forward and pressed his lip…

Silent Love (Lakehouse Security #3) Giveaway Link


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Silent Love (Lakehouse #3)

This is my very first M/M/M Romance novella! I had such a great time with Tripp, Paulo, and Jacob.
This is coming to Extasy Books July Just in time for the fireworks! I certainly hope these three men light up your evening.

Starting at Midnight tonight you can win a copy of this book! Just enter below

Sometimes you have to walk through fire to get to love and acceptance.
Tripp has one main job and that’s to get into the cult’s compound to save the two remaining hostages. The best way he knows how to do that is to get caught himself and thrown into one of those cells. He’s an expert at locks and can get out of anything. He’s not worried until the guards put him in a cell with Jacob Klein. It’s only then that Tripp starts to panic for the little man’s survival.
Paulo Carreiro just needs to find work after retiring from the military and he doesn’t want to ask his brother Locke for a job. When Phillip Avery calls him to come work for him, Paulo gets a weird vi…


So this is my first ever Sexy Saturday blog post and I'm very excited. In actuality it is #97. This weeks theme is the best, as in the best romance or the best lovers.

 In Sudden Love (Lakehouse Security #1) both heroes think the other is the best. I happen to agree with them. These two are better than all the rest.

“A week!”

“I’m sorry, baby.”

Aaron sighed. “It’s okay. I’m being selfish. I know it’s part of your job to leave sometimes.”
“If it’s any consolation, I don’t want to be away from you either.” Xander cleaned his cock off with his dirty shirt. He put the shirt in the waste bag and tied it off. He pulled his pants up and tucked himself back in, zipping and buttoning his jeans.

“Oh, stay just like that, with your hand on the button still,” Aaron commanded. Xander did what he was told, watching as Aaron grabbed his phone and found the camera button. He snapped a picture. Once he looked at the picture and was satisfied he sat up and wrapped his arms around Xander’s waist, ki…

Bronwyn Heeley's WIP Friday

WIP Friday
This is a book I’ve been waiting to write for a few years now, or at least one, now. It’s one that worries me to write as it’s about stereotyping and an effeminate neither are on the same MC.
I worry so much about this book, but I have another one with the same type of character in it, and being as this one’s a short story and the other I’m hoping for a novelette, well, makes sense to see if I can pull it off.
Saying this, the personality of each MC is very different, both in this short and in comparing my two MC’s I’m scared to write.
This book is suddenly become a series. Each book will be stand alones but they will hold a which is to try and bring light, or stop misconceptions. I have a few ideas and they will all be more YA heading towards NA as I think that’s more important, that younger readers can understand what’s they see, here or are told isn’t always truth.
I’d kept this as YA is possible as I’d prefer it that way, but I want sex and a lot of people won’t even like…

Hide and Seek (A Lakehouse Security Short Story)

Hide and Seek by April Kelley (Xander and Aaron) Aaron was playing a game and Xander was going to let him have it when he finally caught him. He could hear Aaron giggle from down the hall, but this hall was largely empty so the sound echoed off the empty bare walls. The brothers had never used this part of the house. They had renovated the mansion several years before. The mansion was way too large for him and his four brothers, even if their little family was growing, what with Aaron and Zach marrying into the family. Or as close to marrying as gay men can get anyway. Xander knew Aaron explored the mansion when he was bored. Aaron seemed to like walking around these empty rooms like a ghost, exploring all the little nooks. Hell, Aaron probably knew these rooms better than Xander did.   “My shirt is off, Xand,” Aaron yelled. Xander couldn’t help but smile. He entered a room that was completely bare. He went through what would be the sitting room and into the bedroom part of the house,…

The Idea of Pickleville

I thought I'd tell you about how the idea of Pickleville came to me. I’m a little weird and probably make sense to very few people with my logic. Naming the town Pickleville is a prime example of this. 
So first, I had a dream about a girl and boy who were on a date at the movies. The girl was cute and very girl-next-door type. The boy was small in every way, geeky but in a sweet sort of way. They were maybe sixteen years old and were clearly in love with each other. It was really dark by the time the boy walked the girl home. He kissed her good-night and started for home. On his way home a group of older boys in a car stopped him, dragging him in the car. They took him to an out of the way dirty road and beat him to death. Needless to say it was a very sad, terrifying dream that stuck with me for a while.
So what does all this have to do with how I come up with the town where Jaron and Travis live?
About this same time my best friend was dating a cowboy type guy. I’m talking the rea…

Bronwyn's Interlude - WIP Addition

WIP Friday
Hey again everyone, if you’re just tuning in April and I blog swop on Fridays and for the next little while we are going to be showing you what’s to come. like the subtitle says, it’s WIP Friday
This week I’m going to be showing you the book I’m working on this month. It’s a werewolf/vampire short erotic romance.
The general plot is that werewolves aren’t allowed to submit to anyone but there alpha and that’s what this werewolf wants so desperately to do. it’s more a erotica then it is a romance as it’s only going to be, well, a min of 6K so the romance can’t really play that huge a roll, but it’ll def have the creating’s of one, have that knowledge that a romance is setting itself up.
Anyway, I’ll shut up and get on with an NSFW excerpt, (and please remember it’s not edited in any way, still, actually in first drafts).
Taking a Stand
Again, with the wall, Dem snarled, as his body slammed into the wall he’d just got himself off. The vampire’s teeth scraping as one hand went …

Getting Back to Good (Pickleville #5) Excerpt

Coming June 15th to

“Morning, Boss,” Kyler said. “Are you coming to watch Greg and Neil play tonight?”
“Yep. I have a date I’m bringing tonight.”
Luis was really glad he was under the car and neither man could see the devastation on his face. To Luis’ knowledge, Royce had never had a date in all the years Luis had been his employee.
Unrequited love really sucked sometimes.
“You? Have a date?” Kyler said, confirming Luis’ own thoughts on the subject.
 “Yep. Close your mouth, Kyler. It’s not that big of a surprise.”
“Yes, it is and someone is going to be really heartbroken.” Luis moaned and Kyler gasped. “Shit. Did I say that out loud?”
“Who?” Royce asked.
“Umm... just forget I said anything,” Kyler said, but his hesitation sounded off, as if he was pointing a finger under the car even as he said the words. That little fucker probably did just do that, too. “Luis. I need to see you in my office please,” Royce said and Luis slid out from under the car. That was all L…

Getting Back To Good (Pickleville #5)

Coming June 15th to

Timing is everything when it comes to love, especially when it’s so far off.  Luis Flynn has been fighting depression off and on most of his life. He figures it’s genetic or a product of his childhood or something. Whatever it is, he thought he’d won the war between himself and depression, until it seems to come back again. Little by little over the course of a few months, 
Luis finds himself slipping further and further into that black hole. He’s also had a crush on Royce, his boss, since the day he met him, not that he would ever admit it. Luis can tell Royce finds him attractive, and they even kiss, but Royce constantly pushes him away, which doesn’t help his inner struggles. When it comes to relationships, timing is everything. With Luis and Royce, the timing might be too off.

Bronwyn's Interlude

WIP Friday
I’ve chosen this one to start with because I just made the cover art for it. Which was a direct result in my seeing the picture and having to have it, but man, it’s pretty and you honestly can’t disagree with me.
I have always wanted to write myself a book with a kid in it. I’m not really sure why but I have.
So first I thought I’d write about a manny (may have been reading a little too much (if you can) Sean Michael) but Australian’s don’t really have this option in our fair country. So I’m going with day care worker instead, which will help me greatly as my mother and sister are both in that area, and my sister works with a male so if I need anything specific I can maybe as her if she’ll ask him (yay!)
So that’s one problem gone, the next was… how did he end up with a child??
One of the biggest problems, or maybe more than common troupe that goes around these types of stories (and I’m not saying I have a problem with the troupe), is that they always seem to show woman in a…