Bronwyn's Interlude

Let’s kept this simple, it’s the end of my first week back and I’ve banged into a realisation that I have two major events running. When one ends the next will begin so I thought I’d just give you a clue and be done with it *smiles*

It’s HAHAT hop happening at the moment, this is an event that runs every year to brings awareness of homophobia, biphobia and transphobia as well as stand together as a community against discrimination of our work.

As well as having something to say, I have a link up of everyone else and a giveaway, so please come and check it out here:
Following that, aka, the day this event ends (24th) is the day my next release will be, well, released. Yay. My Kevin will be available everywhere.

To celebrate as well as for a celebration of yet another year of my life, I will be starting the bash event, most of it will run out of a FB event, which you can find here:

I really hope you will all join me.


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