An Excerpt of Hostage Love (Lakehouse Security #2)

Coming June 1st! to eXtasy Books.

Ryan shut the door and finished undressing. He turned on the water and stepped into the tub. “Okay,” he yelled out. He couldn’t help but slide the shower curtain back just an inch to watch Zach walk into the room. He stood at the toilet and Ryan got an awesome view of his muscular ass. Damn. 

“See something you like?” Zach said, turning suddenly, winking. Ryan let go of the shower curtain and closed it. 
“No you’re not. I think I should get a look at you.” 
“Absolutely not.” 
“Then you’re a little dick tease.”
 “Then let me see you.” 
“Tease.” Zach said and Ryan heard him walked out of the small room, although Ryan didn’t hear the door close.

 “Take your pill and drink all that water. There’s some food on the table. You should eat,” Ryan yelled out to him. Ryan had thought of everything except clothing for Zach and the only reason he hadn’t thought of that was because he hadn’t a clue as to what Zach’s size was when he left for this mission. How could he know that? Ryan had packed everything else in his car knowing he might be gone a while depending on Zach’s health, including food and water. 

“Yes, sir. Master Tease.” Zach said from right outside the room. He must be waiting for Ryan to get out of the bathroom. 
“Do you need the bathroom?”
“Then why are you standing at the damn door.” 
“Well, I was washing my hands.” 
“Oh.” Zach chuckled and then coughed. Ryan noticed that the coughing was starting to get productive already. The antibiotics were pretty strong ones, so that wasn’t surprising. Ryan heard Zach spit and then the water in the sink came on. Zach rinsed his mouth out and spit again. Then the water shut off. 

“Do you have extra toothpaste in that bag of yours? This tube is almost out.” 
“Yeah. The front pouch. Help yourself.” 

 Ryan washed quickly, wanting to be done before Zach came back to the bathroom area. Ryan shut off the water, opening the shower curtain just enough to grab a towel off the rack. He peered around the curtain to see if Zach was standing at the sink. Sure enough, there he was brushing his teeth. Or trying to even though he was coughing again. 

Ryan dried off as best as he could while standing in the tub. He slung the towel around his waist and stepped out. Zach immediately looked up then, spitting foamy toothpaste in the sink. Ryan started to blush when Zach wouldn’t look away. Ryan walked past him and into the main part of their hotel room. He grabbed his bag and pulled out two pair of underwear. He straightened, throwing the blue pair at Zach who caught it mid-air. 

Zach turned, setting the underwear on the counter. Ryan couldn’t help but look as Zach bent over to rinse his mouth out. Oh God, this man was going to be the death of him. Ryan was going to die from horniness. Could someone die from horniness? His fucking balls already ached, so he supposed it was possible.

“Ha! I knew you would be looking,” Zach said as he was turning around. “Now I get to see.” 
“I said no.”
 Zach narrowed his eyes. “You’re not being fair.” 
“Life isn’t fair, get used to it.” Zach huffed out a breath and crossed his arms in front of his chest. “Twenty second look.” 
“Ten seconds and you’ll stop flirting.” 
“Ten seconds and I’ll stop flirting until I’m halfway done with my medication. Then you’ll know that I’m legit interested in you, not just because I’m sick or whatever is going through that sexy head of yours.” 
“Oh shit. Really?” Zach said, straightening. His hands left his chest and he took a step closer. Zach’s eyes widened slightly.


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