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When Worlds Collide


Fun subject this one.

As I’m sure you are all aware I’m in the middle of writing my DRitC 2015 book, I’m done with the first draft as I start this out. Therefore, I feel it’s a waffling mess of nothing. I’ll have to get my BETAs to read it and then go through it again. Adding things I believe need to be added, but I’m not sure.

To me, this moment, is when I feel the worse about books. It’s when I want to scrap the whole thing and work on something else.

Which is where the title comes in.

I have this problem of wanted to write the complete opposite when I’m at this point. Either something I’ve already been writing or something altogether different.

I have two ideas running against each other, while my head still wants me to just finish what I’ve started. The first draft is always the hardest, hadn’t you heard.

The first idea is an epic fantasy, thanks mostly to me feeling like I’m failing while watching Thor. The thing is, I would suck at writing that. I’m not the greatest at full on world building. At least I don’t feel I’d be good enough when it comes to the type of writing and skill you need to let a world build up in front of a readers mind.

I’m not saying this to be down on myself. I honestly think my detailing is very minimum, but eventually I’ll write myself one, because it’s a challenge I’d really like to see if I can do.

Just like when I wrote my sci-fi book.

The next one that keeps on coming up is my vampire cowboy book, which I’d really like to write though I have more of an idea on how the prequel looks, then the main book. The prequel can’t come out until AFTER the first book as you kinda need that. Also the main book is a romance and the prequel is actually a bit of a horror/thriller.

Which is a problem when I don’t actually want to make the main book dark, and then I think… I’m not sure I’d be able to write about vampires and not have an edge of darkness in it. I have an idea of what paranormal creatures are and they generally come out that way, which is more leaning towards the old school horror movie versions.

Anyway, don’t really want to make it dark. Don’t really want to make it old school. Don’t really want to do anything that seemed this book wants to create in itself. And I really want to fucking write it.

But alas I can’t because I need to finish my DRitC story, because it has a deadline, which none of the other do. One because it won’t even get written and the other will be October 2016, if it’s written by then.

And now I feel I’ve gone off topic.

So what do you do when your worlds start to interfere with each other. When to many stories battle for a spot.

Well I plot, it’s the only real time I actually sit myself down and do it, just to get everything off my head. because a full head means nothing gets done.

I kinda like this type of plotting, knowing where a story goes before my fingers hit the keyboard, but when I have a book like that I tend to get board of the story so much that I generally don’t write them out.

The other side is that once you’re at the point of sitting down and the story starts to flow, it never actually comes out the way you’re originally thought. because you’ve already circled and crossed and the characters have become something a little more solid then what they originally were. And if you know me, you’ll know I don’t know much about my characters to start with.

Anyway, sorry if this post didn’t make sense, but quite honestly, I don’t think I’ve made sense for at least a week know as I came to the end of the first draft.

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