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Have you ever had a set of characters that just aren’t working for you?

I hear all the time about authors being overrun by their characters. That they start speaking to them, yapping away demanding their turn, their voice.

This doesn’t happen to me. I generally only ever have a vague idea of what my character is and why this is his story. The worse, for me, I find, is that a lot of the time my characters don’t really seem to care if their stories told or not.

This is what’s happening to me now. This horrid point that I have 3 characters I’m working with and only one of them truly wants the spotlight. Only one of them is at the point of telling his life story to the checkout chick.

Who is me, by the way, it’s how I see it. Maybe because the only job I have ever had before becoming a mum was a check out chick, but on either end, it’s how people get. They spill their guts because you asked them the most generic question ever. Hell, it’s the one you’re forced to ask every customer.

 “How are you today?”

It’s just sometime you get to a point in your life. Something big has happened and you need to tell someone. You need to have a person who doesn’t know anything about you to spill your shit to and for them to not to have a point. Not have an opinion because they don’t know anyone in the story. They don’t know you.

I get this. I have been on both ends. But then I’m a talker, lol.

I’m in the middle of writing my DRitC story, it’s a 3some and my characters are acting out on me.

MC 1, the newbie in the cowboy world is the talker. He needs to spill his gut. Needs the pain, anger, and lust out there for everyone to see. Not because he is truly a showy person but because he is full to the brink with so much intense emotions he can’t help but spill.

MC 2 is one of my cowboys, he’s cocky and maybe a bit arrogant, and he doesn’t have a thing to say. At least that’s what he wants you to think, but truly, I think he wants to keep the mystery about himself. A bit of a bad boy image he’s trying to create. That raised eyebrow and cocky smile, making you think he hide nothing.

He’s full of shit, I tell him all the time. But he wants you to think that, so, well, who am I to say he can’t.

MC 3 is a behind the scenes type of fellow. He’s not loud or over the top. He’s not a pushover either. He’s just happy to take a sideline when he knows MC3 wants the spotlight. Hell, he prefers it that way.

The problem is I need at least 2 of them to talk. I can’t write this story from MC1’s point of view only or it’s not going to work, not with 3 of them. and yet I’ve written nearly half the book without realising he’s not really said much. He’s just waited and waited and waiting around not really caring that he’s been forgotten and yet has.

You see I’m kinda like that type of person I like the idea of the spotlight but HATE it. so MC has been sitting there looking at the show between MC1 and MC3 and waiting for his acknowledgment to the party. Like speaking up is a mortal sin of something.

So I gets stuck. I get into this roadblock, even though I have this whole story plotted out (at least to the point that I do). I know where I’m heading, what needs to be included to get me where I need to be, and yet I’m stuck.

What’s wrong? Or yeah its this effing character who doesn’t really care to speak but still NEEDS to be include in the story. Like I don’t have anything else to do but remember about someone who’d rather not be remembered while he pines away his wishes of being in the middle of these two much more out spoken characters.

Okay, so maybe I just contradicted myself, but if I’m honest I’ve kinda forgotten the point of the post in the first place. as you can probably tell, my heads all filled with one story and one set of characters and I just want to finish it up, as I’ve got a shit load more to do this year, and well, this one also has a deadline I want to make.

Thanks for sticking with me, please come visit my blog to see what April has to say today

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