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Moonlit Wolves series as a Whole
Today is the start of a weekly blog switch April and I are going to be doing, which means, she’s got a post over on my blog as I post over here.
Today April thought that maybe you guys would like to know about the Moonlit Wolves series. I’m hoping I’m able to give you the answers you’re looking for.
Moonlit Wolves series is about werewolves. The first arc featuring a group of werewolves created because they were in the wrong place at the wrong time, and all connected through growing up together and family drama. The arc is about them learning the greater meaning of what it means to be werewolves when they are suddenly hunted by well, Hunters.
The biggest problem I have with the series is that after writing the first 4 I completely changed the series. It was originally going to just be open, a continuations of books until there was no need for them anymore, but I found myself needing to change this.
For one reason I’ve written this series in a way that it needs to be read in order, which will continue, you might not have to read from book one every time, but each arc clump will need to be.
For another because I’ve written it with a with a graphic novel feel to it. I haven’t added heaps of description and/or information you’d need from previous books.
Making it hard not to have an actually storyline, rather than an overall one. So each arc will battle a different portions of the bad guys.
However, in its whole there will be 30 books, full stop. I will not be writing more, and I hope not to write less. As I’ve mentioned they will be clumped into arcs, the first one being the longest as far as I’ve worked out having 9 books under its umbrella. Though as of now, with book 7 on sale that story arc is closed, the next to are backtracking a bit and fall under that same time line.
There will be a few stories that don’t have anything to do with arc’s at all, like book 5 (maybe more random than that one). I have a 3some coming up and we get into another group of werewolves coming to town, because Eamon is the only alpha, and he’s created a statuary – which in the next arc you will see being developed as most of the mates find each other through different projects that come about.
The next arc they will be battling…actually, I think I’ll keep that secret.
The series follows common paranormal tropes, as in the unfortunate learning that your boyfriends is a werewolf by him thinking that showing is best without warning you. The hunter/hunted storyline, or the simply layout of the book, like a book of back-flashes. I did this because I was getting pissed at the books I was reading, or rolling my eyes to a point of my hurting them, and I thought, well, could I do better? I am not ashamed of this, most stories aren’t generally new ideas, most are just made new by the individuality of the author.
This is to say, from book 2, book one was written as a backstory one Christmas while I was trying to work out if I could write mm. it was simple and it opened up a world to me, giving me characters and a reason they should be there. I didn’t want to add to much violence, and for me it isn’t, not for what I could have written, and yet it is quite graphically violent.
In the end, I have written this series as a quick light read for you to pick up when you need. You honestly just need to go with it, and hope by the end it all works out, lol. I wanted to write something for you to get lost in while not having to worry about remembering, or for you to read while in a waiting room.
I believe I pulled it off, and hope that it’s something you might want to look at.
Thanks for stopping by for my first take over, c-ya all next week. 
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