Man of Pickleville-Kyler Huffingtion

Kyler is the product of a single parent household, never having known his father. When Kyler was young his mother died, leaving him with the only relative he had ever known. He moves to Pickleville with his aunt, who was neglectful and Kyler was largely left on his own a lot. Kyler wasn't very good in school due to a learning disability that was never diagnosed properly. His best friend Greg helps him in school a lot. By the time he gets into high school he gets a job at a Hessing's Garage, working for Royce Hessing, who is like a father to Kyler. Kyler works his ass off to get what he has, buying his own house at a very early age. He comes off as a very extroverted, fun-loving spirit but he has a big heart that is easily broken.


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