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Falling Hard Book Review

Falling Hard by Sandy Sullivan
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Levi is one of the best bull riding cowboys on the circuit. Being one of very few gay cowboys isn’t easy and often times he has to remain to himself. When Curt starts hanging around him more often he’s not sure what to think. He’s not even sure if the other man is gay or not.All he does know is that he finds Curt very attractive. Levi isn’t sure of a lot of things when it comes to Curt, and that turns out to be his number one problem. A relationship with another cowboy on the circuit is a very bad idea.

First off let me just say, Levi and Curt are hot! Okay now that I got that out of my system, I am definitely a new fan of this series and can’t wait for book two. If you like a cowboy romance that has it all then you’ll love this book. The characters are tied to the Bull riding circuit so tight it becomes a personality trait through-out the book. This author seems to know her …

Doms of the Chambers Series Review

Doms of the Chambers: Geoff & Kit Book 1
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Geoff isn’t looking for a boy, so when an old friend wills one to him is less than thrilled. It’s ridiculous to give a person to another person to begin with. When he sees the forlorn look on the submissive’s face he decides to take a chance and train him to be a good sub. He even promises to find the sub a dom that fit his needs. It’s what any decent human being would do.  Review I am such a huge fan of this series now! This author is very good at characterization. Geoff and Kit were really likeable. Each man had his own problems from at the start of the book that made the plot of the book interesting. I really felt satisfied with the ending but still wanting to read book two in this series. In light of the current popularity of BDSM books in the media today, I want to say that this is how BDSM should be written. So if you’re looking for good books that center around this theme look no further than this series.

What is Wrong with Me?

Lately I’ve had to explain my personality traits to people, which is a weird thing to have to do. It’s especially daunting when I don’t like to converse with very many people to begin with. We live in a society that is largely extroverted and very few people really understand that not everyone needs the company of others. 
First off, the main difference between having an introverted and extroverted personality is the need to be around people. So you can see why I say society is extroverted. Not only that, but our society also praises those with extroverted personality traits, saying that the need to be around others is ‘normal’.
So what can you expect from most of us introverts? Well, let me tell you:
Expect me to be fun at a party.
I’m not shy and never have been. I enjoy a good party along with the next person. But if I’m going to be around a lot of people on Saturday don’t call me up on Monday and expect me to talk to you for any real length of time. I’m good for five minutes tops. So …

Book Blast Tour-February 16, 2015


Giveaways, Blog Tours, and Release Day...OH MY!

There's one week until Whispers of Home hits the virtual bookshelves and I have been promoting and doing giveaways. Here's a link to a valentines day giveaway where you can win my book along with six other great titles.

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Also going on right now is a Love is Love: Valentine's day Blog Hop. It's February 9-16, 2015.

You can win a kindle and 49 ebooks, including Whispers of Home. That's a sweeter deal than candy for Valentine's Day.

Also, this link below will get you all signed up for the give away.

Also, last Monday I posted a fabebook event that will include lots of giveaways so sign up for that and come

I'm excited to announce my blogtou happening Febrausr…
Come to the Valentine's Day party and win Sime really great prizes. I will be hosting on february 15,2015 from 5-6pm.