Promoting a Book-Is it the Publishers Job or The Authors?

As the time grows closer to my Release date I'm thinking more and more about marketing my first book, Whispers of Home. Okay that's not entirely true. The truth is I've been thinking about marketing my book since eXtasy Books decided to take a chance on a nobody like me and publish my series, Pickleville. And even before I published I thought about what the publishers job is regarding this. Many people in the business think that it is the authors job alone to publish. I know what your thinking. You thought 100% of the marketing was done by the publisher and the author just sits back and writes her little heart out, becoming a millionaire off her creativity. This image is the farthest thing from the truth. If your looking to get published than you should know that marketing is a big part of an authors job. An author and a publisher should be working in tandem to promote your book.

The M/M romance genre is a relatively small one with only a few publishers out there. So in this regarding finding a publishers for my work was probably a little easier than if I wrote straight romance. Being a long time reader of M/M romance also helped a great deal in pinpointing the publishers in a general sense. What I didn't think of all those years of reading was which publishers helped their authors market their work. This was important to me as a new author. And I can tell you there really isn't that many publishers out there that market for the authors.

So do your homework. Find out which publisher help promote and how they do it.

As an author I had to think about the best ways to make my book visible to readers. After all, not many people know who April Kelley is yet and what she writes. I started making my presence known on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Social Media is a free and easy way to post about your book. The thing about just using social media is theirs no real way of knowing how many people you actually reach.

Another thing is to blog, as I am doing here. I blog every Monday morning. I also will be a guest on other peoples blogs for a day. These people are other authors in my genre and reviewers.

There are several things you can do to promote yourself as an author. Social Media and Blogging are just the couple of things I'm doing. There are several books out there that will help give you the ideas and the know how to be effective. Here's a link to Joanna Penn's book titled How to Market a Book

Ms. Penn's book is particularily helpful to those Indy authors who have to do it all.


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