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My very first book cover reveal.

Coming February 15, 2015

Writing and reading to Escape

So I thought I would do a post about what I write. When my book comes out next month, you'll know exactly what to expect. I should first started out my saying that I write M/M contemporary romance. Just in case you're new to the blog or maybe we've just been introduced. But this post isn't about that necessarily. This post his a little more concentrated on the writing itself.

I've been reading most of my life. I've been reading books that are LGBT centered for more than ten years now. Why LGBT? Well, I suppose I enjoy the characters, and writing in general, in these books more than in other genres. If you are a part of the LGBT community than I'm sure you understand how lonely it can be sometimes, living in a straight world. 

Of course, I read other things too. I've read the classics and the stuff your English professors tell you to read. My favorite poet is Walt Whitman. I read Leaves of Grass like its my bible. And yes, I've read it cover to cover…

Promoting a Book-Is it the Publishers Job or The Authors?

As the time grows closer to my Release date I'm thinking more and more about marketing my first book, Whispers of Home. Okay that's not entirely true. The truth is I've been thinking about marketing my book since eXtasy Books decided to take a chance on a nobody like me and publish my series, Pickleville. And even before I published I thought about what the publishers job is regarding this. Many people in the business think that it is the authors job alone to publish. I know what your thinking. You thought 100% of the marketing was done by the publisher and the author just sits back and writes her little heart out, becoming a millionaire off her creativity. This image is the farthest thing from the truth. If your looking to get published than you should know that marketing is a big part of an authors job. An author and a publisher should be working in tandem to promote your book.

The M/M romance genre is a relatively small one with only a few publishers out there. So in th…

April Kelley-Author: Whispers of Home Excerpt

April Kelley-Author: Whispers of Home Excerpt: Here's a little teaser from my my Book coming out in February 15, 2105. Find it on the coming soon page at ...

Whispers of Home Excerpt

Here's a little teaser from my my Book coming out in February 15, 2105. Find it on the coming soon page at

Jaron had been to the grocery store three times this week. Going only once a week would be grand, but very unlikely to happen apparently. He seriously needed to start making lists every week.
“I want the little man cookies.” Bobby was practically bouncing in the cart, pointing at an elf.
“The fudge ones?”
Bobby nodded his head. Jaron grabbed them off the shelf and placed them in the cart.
“Good choice,” someone spoke from behind Jaron. The voice was deep and made him moan in appreciation. He turned to put a face to that wonderful voice.
It was as if Jaron’s thoughts had conjured him up and placed him right next to the Oreo cookies . Travis Heath got hotter since high school. And taller. When did men stop growing? Jaron was probably at the guys shoulder, but it was hard to tell from down the aisle. Travis Heath’s strawberry blonde hair was longer than it had been…