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Being Neighborly-Short Story Free Read

Being Neighborly
By April Kelley

Warning: Graphic sexual scenes, excessive use of butter, M/M/M.

Isaac held the final notice in his hand, the words rolling in his head.The word foreclosure seemed to take up most of the page, drowning all other words out.The sting of tears came to his eyes, uncontrollably.They clogged up his throat and squeezed his chest like it was being slowly crushed by one of his steer’s hooves.He had tried everything to make the little ranch he bought five years ago profitable.Every penny of the money he inherited from his grandfather, the only person who didn’t disown him after he came out, went into the ranch.Now there was nothing left.

The rest of the family was beyond pissed that Grandpa left Isaac everything he had, so he wouldn’t ask those money hungry vultures for anything, not that they would give him anything anyway.They had successfully disowned him so thoroughly they hadn’t even spoken to him at his grandfather’s funeral.And he hadn’t heard from any of th…