Bucket list Check off

So yeah, I have a bucket list.  I mean who doesn't have one, at least since the movie came out.  What a great way to make sure you're living life to its fullest potential.  There are even a few things that I have checked off.  Like: Get Married to the love of my life, Buy a house.

The latest one I get to check off is 'Become a published author'.  And this one was a big too.  This has been a lifelong dream of mine, practically since birth.  If someone asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up I said a Writer. 

Although, I guess I've always been a writer.  To become a writer all a person has to do is simply write.  To become an author though, means someone has to think that you don't suck at writing. 

Woohoo! I don't suck.  At least I don't suck so much that my editor can't help me fix it. 

Extasy Books is one of my favorite publishers.  They will be publishing a book series called Pickleville.  Pickleville is a small town in Michigan.  Why call the town Pickleville?  I have no idea.  It just stuck in my brain.  Anyway, I'm happy to go on this journey with them.  The first book in the series comes out February 2015.

Please check out their website for great book choices, extasybooks.com.


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