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Bucket list Check off

So yeah, I have a bucket list.  I mean who doesn't have one, at least since the movie came out.  What a great way to make sure you're living life to its fullest potential.  There are even a few things that I have checked off.  Like: Get Married to the love of my life, Buy a house.

The latest one I get to check off is 'Become a published author'.  And this one was a big too.  This has been a lifelong dream of mine, practically since birth.  If someone asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up I said a Writer. 

Although, I guess I've always been a writer.  To become a writer all a person has to do is simply write.  To become an author though, means someone has to think that you don't suck at writing. 

Woohoo! I don't suck.  At least I don't suck so much that my editor can't help me fix it. 

Extasy Books is one of my favorite publishers.  They will be publishing a book series called Pickleville.  Pickleville is a small town in Michigan.  Why call …