Write what you know?

So, I started a journal entry.  I don't journal often, maybe about once or twice a month at best, but when I do it's my way of working through my thoughts on paper. 
Why is this different than writing fiction, you ask? 
Very good question.  Writing fiction is therapeutic, absolutely.  It's just that I get so caught up in my characters lives that I don't realize what I had to work through until I'm finished.  Usually this happens during rewrites, of which there are many.  So many that my issues sort of smack me in the face over and over until I really have no choice but to fix whatever problem I have been struggling while writing about the voices in my head.
Anyway, so I'm writing my journal entry and while I'm writing I think 'hey this is pretty good.  I should share this'.  And then in the middle of the night (of course it was.  I like sleep.  A lot.  So when my characters wake me up in the middle of the night it pisses me off) the story just pops in my head. 
So I'm working on something that has a lot of personal elements to it.  So far, I've steered clear of this.  Maybe that's cowardly of me.  I don't know.  I'm just way more interested in other peoples lives, rather than writing about my own life. 


Bronwyn said…
I understand what you mean. I have a few projects I keep pushing back because of the therapeutic nature of them. and even though I know I need to work the problems out, or I wouldn't be struggling not to write them, I also know it's going to be a bitch of a book to get threw
April Kelley said…
I think I may put this story on the blog in installments. I figure that's even more therapeutic, to make it so public.
Hayley said…
Ithat sounds like a great idea
April Kelley said…
Okay then I'll do some quick edits and put a little but if it up

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