9/11 and Writing, Thank You!

I was going to write about where I was on 9/11/01 and maybe something about how that day has impacted my life.  But my story is typical and would take up the space of two sentences.  I was in my living room and I suppose 9/11 has impacted me in a lot of the ways it has every American.  It's still hard to hear a plane in the sky and not get just a little worried about it falling.  And my heart still aches for all the people who were affected by that day, living and dead.  So yeah, I think that was three sentences. 

 Remembrance ceremonies have been the top story on the news programs and I have also seen several people post pictures and tell stories in remembrance of that terrible day.  Through out the thirteen years there have been countless people who have written or said something in remembrance and thanks. 

To those people who have helped keep the memory of that day and the lives that were lost fresh in my mind, thank you.  Words can change the world sometimes and your words have certainly impacted me in ways that I greatly appreciate.

I know some people have a problem seeing the pictures and reading the terrible things that happened that day.  I am not one of these people.  The more we write and the more pictures we see the more likely that our past will not come back to revisit us.  Having to remember the past is far better than having to watch nearly three thousand people die on live television again.  I don't want that for our future.  No American does

That day maybe have awakened fears that I didn't even know I had, but It also restored my faith in humanity.  Americans came together and picked up the broken pieces.  And for a little while prejudice didn't exist.  The color of someone's skin no longer mattered.  Americans were all the same, even if it was just for the blink of an eye.  Americans had never came together like that before, at least not in my lifetime.

So thank you everyone who ever wrote anything in remembrance of 9/11.



Hayley said…
I was sitting terrified in front of the tv clutching the phone in my hand waiting on some kind of word from my brothers, stepmother and their wives. The last time I had spoken with them they were on the way to the towers to buy show tickets. It would have placed them in the towers at the time of the hit. 4 hours later I got a call from my sister in laws mom, one of my brothers had finally gotten through to her and told them that they had been calling all of us in rotation trying to get through to someone. They had decided to stop and eat breakfast on the way, at the last minute, and ended up being in a restaurant 9 miles from the towers. It was one of the worse days thinking that half my family was gone in an instant.
April Kelley said…
I bet that was an awful feeling. Thankfully everyone in your family was alright.

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